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Things That Go “Blog”

Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content for the purpose of attracting, acquiring and engaging your audience. While content marketing can be anything your organization creates to share its story, it only qualifies as content marketing if it aims to drive customer action. Today your buyers and customers are thrust into a crowded market filled with marketing messages – up to 2,900 per day. As a result, …Read More

#HeyDish: How Can I Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Instagram is unstoppable, and so are its users. With the recent additions of video and Web embeds, more and more of you might be consolidating all your media-sharing activity within the platform. For some of you, that means running more than one Instagram account; maybe you run one for work, or for a community group of some sort, in addition to your personal profile. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a native function …Read More

#HeyDish: Facebook Save — A Read-It-Later Option For Facebook Posts & Pages

Facebook, and most of the features it adds or the UI changes it makes are more often than not, a source of discontent among its users but just at the end of last month, Facebook introduced a bookmarking feature and it turned out to be downright useful. Among other things, it makes your news feed ten times more useful than it was before. As opposed to reading what filters through and forgetting …Read More

#HeyDish: How Do I Mute or Leave Group Conversations in iOS 8

Among the features in the newest iOS update were many improvements to the messaging system. The app includes a number of functionality upgrades that enhance the most-used aspects of the older version, from greater iMessage compatibility to more control over how texts are displayed and responded to. While iMessage already had a well-featured group messaging system, it left something to be desired, and it was difficult to wade through the …Read More

7 Questions to Assure People Don’t Tune Out Your Marketing

1. How often are you changing your email signature? 2. How are you alternating the architecture of your writing? 3. Are you making cuts every 6-10 seconds during your videos? 4. Are your Powerpoint slides engaging, funny and unexpected? 5. How often are you changing the closing line to your blog posts? 6. Are you using teasers and bumpers in the beginning of your videos? 7. How are you practicing …Read More

Where can I see the names/profiles of people who like my Facebook business page?

#Hey Dish! Q: Where can I see the names/profiles of people who like my Facebook business page? A: Use the search box and type “people who like <page name>” like the one in screen shot and it will give you a list of likers, not complete though because of user account’s privacy settings when they are hiding their “Likes” on public. But it gives you almost 90% of your FAN PAGE …Read More

33 Cool Abbreviations You Should Know (JIC You Didn’t Already)

BYOB, OMG, and FYI are just soooo yesterday. New abbreviations pop up on social media every second, so it’s normal to feel lost and confused about the origin and correct usage of letters like “JIC” (just in case). So we’re here to help you learn 33 acronyms floating around. Behold, the DoMA (Dictionary Of Modern Abbreviations): Note: One major difference between the out-of-style acronyms of 10 years ago and the new, hip …Read More