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Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating valuable, relevant content for the purpose of attracting, acquiring and engaging your audience. While content marketing can be anything your organization creates to share its story, it only qualifies as content marketing if it aims to drive customer action. Today your buyers and customers are thrust into a crowded market filled with marketing messages – up to 2,900 per day. As a result, marketers are challenged by attention scarcity.

So how does content marketing help? Done correctly, content marketing elevates your brand above the deluge of marketing messages, and becomes the fuel for engagement. It is the offer in your emails, the link for your social channels, the collateral for your event, and a tool for your sales team.

What is Engaging Content Marketing?

  • Use this checklist to determine if your content is ‘engaging’ for your audience:
  • It engages individuals on their own terms, using buyer personas
  • It’s based on interactions buyers have with your brand, and is mapped directly to their buying stages
  • It tells a continuous story, with a unified narrative that evolves throughout a customer’s journey
  • It’s the right fit for your channel – whether it’s being used on your website, in email, on social, or elsewhere
  • It has a clear purpose, and a clear call-to-action for your audience to follow
  • It has pre-defined metrics, and is designed to be measurable
  • It is created in the most efficient, effective way possible- without sacrificing quality

What are The Benefits of Today’s Content Marketing?

Traditionally marketers had to rent attention from other people’s media. For example, when a brand pays out millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad., they are “renting” attention that the TV networks have cultivated.

Today’s content marketing allows marketers to become publishers – build their own audiences and attract their own attention. While rented attention can be effective, when you own your own attention by creating content, you benefit in three major ways:

  1. Build brand awareness for your brand
  2. Create preference for your brand
  3. Reach more buyers and potential customers, at a lower cost

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