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What to Post on Your Facebook Business Page

What to Post on Your Facebook Business Page | McCormick-Dishman, LLC

Having a Facebook page for your business is a great idea. In fact, in this day and age it’s an essential part of your marketing mix. The question remains though: What to post on Facebook? I want to let you know about the unwritten ‘rules’ of Facebook posting to a business page.

It’s really important never to spam or overload your Facebook fans with a ‘sell’. The majority of the content should always be engagement… e.g.: funny quotes, facts that relate to your product, something inspirational (only if it’s relatable to your target market). THEN do a soft sell post – we call it the 80-20 rule.

When we start posting repetitively, too often or with just salesy material, the fans get turned off and disengage with the page and ultimately the brand, sometimes even “un-liking” the business page. While a business Facebook page is an excellent way of making fans aware of a new product or event, it must always be a soft sell…. imagine the complete opposite of a hard sell and shouty radio commercial!

In posting for a business, you should always endeavor to come across as if you’re speaking in a friendly and professional way to ‘friends’, with the occasional funny comment thrown in for good measure. You can absolutely bring your personality, or more specifically your brand’s personality, into you page posts. Always BE the brand – think about what your target market likes, wants and expects – in general or from your brand/product.

I hope this gives you more of an insight as to why to post more engaging material, and why ‘selling’ posts are kept to a minimum. Other forms of advertising such as print, email newsletters, radio and others are the consumer’s expectations when it comes to finding out about a deal. Facebook is more about having a chat to your friends and building a community. Think like you’re in a social situation with friends, colleagues or family – that’s why it’s called Social Media!

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