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Muncie Symphony Orchestra

Muncie Symphony

Founded in 1948, the Muncie Symphony Orchestra seeks to provide its audience with rewarding musical experiences and to promote social exchange among attendees of the musical events. As an organization that celebrates the cultural vibrancy of East Central Indiana, the MSO uses music as a way to engage, educate, entertain and enrich through traditional classical and pops concerts, children’s concert, chamber events, and community engagement programs.

MSO partnered with Tracy Dishman, McCormick-Dishman LLC, to increase the visibility of the Muncie Symphony Orchestra in Muncie, IN and surrounding communities through promotions, advertising, and media relations.

A new website design and build were “Job One”. Dishman designed a new, refreshed and responsive website to bring the MSO’s communications to a new height.

Custom graphics, an integrated social media strategy, press releases and renewed communication with local and surrounding media were “grass roots” objectives that increased attendance at MSO concerts consistently during Dishman’s term.

Muncie Symphony Orchestra Marketing And PR Strategy
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