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WorkOne BusinessWorks Magazine

WorkOne BusinessWorks Magazine

WorkOne BusinessWorks Magazine

The WorkOne Region 6 Business Services Team needed a sales tool. Tracy Dishman is the former Director of Marketing for Alliance for Strategic Growth and WorkOne Eastern Indiana. Under her leadership, the WorkOne Region 6 marketing department went from non-existent to becoming a formidable entity in the State of Indiana.

Dishman created a marketing piece in the form of a magazine that showcases each WorkOne Service that is geared towards employers in a beautifully designed, easy to read, publication.

To further the excitement of this publication, each page can be used in single form as a stand-alone flyer.

The WorkOne Business Services Team provides Economic Growth Region 6 Premier Employers with quick and easy access to all of WorkOne’s services, facilities, information, tools and resources. All, of which, are included in this easy to use publication.

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