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Huntington Thrives: A Campaign For Shared Vision

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Huntington Thrives

Pathfinder Services and LaFontaine Arts Council have Partnered Together to Establish the Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center

Huntington, IN – The Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center is a multi-purpose integrated community arts center that envisions serving people of all ages and abilities as they pursue their interest in the arts. The Center will be located on the first and second floors of three renovated historic buildings, encompassing 10,000 square feet, in downtown Huntington, Indiana. The Center will serve as a hub for the arts with its artist studios, pottery wheels and kiln, a gallery, performance and event space, a commercial kitchen, along with educational space.

The Huntington Arts & Entrepreneurial Center is a collaborative, community-wide solution to address the economic and social needs of Huntington by providing amenities that attrite people to live in Huntington, retain the current population, improve the downtown district through historic revitalization, an create entrepreneurial opportunities for people of all abilities. The project compliments the City of Huntington’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan and is included in the 2018 Community Arts Plan which has within it the goal of revitalizing downtown Huntington and turning it into a place where quality of life is at the center of importance and everyone is accepted and included.

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